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11 Tips to Help Young Adults Relieve Stress

It can be tough to know how to help young adults relieve stress. Young people these days have a lot going on. From university, internships, and extracurriculars, to friendships and relationships that extend into online spaces. It can be an exciting time, but it can also feel stressful and overwhelming. So it’s important to equip them with the tools they need to stay physically and mentally healthy, feel their best, and succeed. Here are our tips for how to help young adults relieve stress. Plus, tips for how parents can support. 

For young adults

1. Practice Self-Compassion 

It’s not unusual for young adults to feel like they need to have everything figured out right now. Especially as university and career paths become a reality. This is where self-compassion comes in. Self-compassion means being patient with yourself, and offering the same understanding and support to yourself as you would with a good friend. This is especially important during rocky times, when you feel you’ve failed, or when you’re speaking about your self-image. The best way to remember self compassion is: if you wouldn’t speak that way about your best friend, don’t speak that way about yourself. 

2. Mindfulness

Meditation might seem intimidating or even too hippy dippy for some — but it’s effects can have a big impact. Meditation can help young adults become less reactive, and more thoughtfully responsive, leading to better choices and less anxiety over time. So, how can young people start a mindfulness program? Begin with just 2 to 5 minutes of meditation per day, and work up to 15 or more minutes. Gradually incorporating mindfulness will make it easier to weave it into the day and keep the good habit going. 

3. Get moving 

Physical activity helps young adults relieve stress, build good habits, and get those feel-good endorphins flowing. Health authorities recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity at least 5 days per week. This is especially important in early adulthood to get set for life-long health and wellness. 

4. Sleep well

We all know how important sleep is, but this is especially true for young people as they move out of their teenage years. Experts recommend that younger adults, between the ages of 18-25, should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep needs to be a priority to keep stress levels low, and keep young adults energized for their busy days. Be sure to limit screen use at night, as it can signal to the brain that it’s still daytime — making it hard to fall asleep. Better yet, keep technology outside the bedroom.

5. Talk through it 

Most young people have a habit of keeping their stressors to themselves. Some may not think their problems are valid, may not want to ‘bother’ friends, or assume their family or friends just won’t understand. However, talking through problems not only helps them feel less alone, but it’ll remove the weight of the stress they carry. Getting advice or just feeling heard is one of the best ways to help young adults relieve stress. If venting to friends and family doesn’t feel like an option, a counsellor is a great source for knowledge and guidance. 

6. Write it down

If talking out problems just doesn’t feel like a possibility right now, or if it’s not comfortable, young adults can find stress relief in getting their thoughts on paper. Writing things down helps organize thoughts and make them feel less convoluted. From there, they can develop a better understanding of how they feel, why they’re feeling this way, and move towards a solution. 

7. Find a routine

Creating a proper routine with the above tips incorporated can help young adults relieve stress and get them on the right track. Incorporating healthy tips and habits leads to better mental health, less stress, and more peace of mind over time. Not to mention, a routine can give them an authentic sense of security and control over their lives. 

For parents

Many parents don’t exactly know their role in their young adult’s life. They may just be moving out of their teenage years, or may be comfortably on their way to adulthood. No matter where they are, most young adults still look to their parents for guidance and advice. Here are tips on how to support them. 

1. Empower young adults

Parents understandably want their kids to lead stress-free lives. It’s why parents often try to fix problems for their kids. But doing this robs young people of opportunities to take control of their own lives, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and problem-solving skills. Allowing them to figure things out on their own, with some guidance, will build their confidence and self-trust. So be there for your young adult, support them, and guide them along the way — but let them work through challenges. 

2. Encourage positive self-talk 

Most young adults fall into the habit of comparing themselves to their peers or people they see online. While this is natural and to be expected, it can lead to a negative view of themselves and self-critical feelings. If you hear your young adult speaking in this way, remind them of their positive traits. Things like how much they’ve improved and grown, how resilient they are, how funny or kind they are. Encourage your young adult to reframe their thoughts, so they can build themselves up the next time they’re feeling down. 

4. Teach them how to navigate online spaces

Today’s young adults spend about as much time online as they do in the physical world. We can’t blame them for being raised with technology and having it as part of their daily lives — but we can help them navigate things like confusing content or misinformation. Talk to your young adult about how you can both work to decipher real information from dramatizations. Media literacy will equip them to have a healthier view of their online lives.

5. Connect them with help 

Guidance from a counsellor is one of the best ways to help young adults relieve stress. Counsellors can help them with everything we’ve listed above, and get them on the right track to positive mental health. Wellin5 is here to help. We connect young people to a counsellor who can understand them and meet their unique needs. Get started today. 

It’s possible to help young adults relieve stress 

Young adulthood is an exciting time full of growth and new experiences! But it’s also normal to experience challenges and setbacks. When these come up, try applying these tips to help young adults relieve stress. For support with all these tips plus more guidance, check out how Wellin5 can help.