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Meet with a certified therapist via video on our Canadian health-care compliant platform. 

Book your first video counselling session today for just $90.

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How does
Wellin5 work?

  • Create Your Profile

    Sign up and create your profile to start – no payment information required.

  • Get Matched

    Our intuitive matchmaking instantly connects you with a qualified counsellor.

  • Purchase & Book

    Pay-as-you-go or purchase a bundle then book a session. Your counsellor will respond within 24-48 hours.

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What can you talk about?

  • Your Personal Struggles

    Our counsellors specialize in many areas including depression, anxiety and stress. From LGBTQ2S to digital addictions, they’re here to chat about what you’re going through.

  • Your Relationship Issues

    Everything from abuse to marital issues to family conflict, our counsellors are experienced in providing guidance and support.

  • Work Challenges

    Having a hard time with a co-worker or manager? Our counsellors will help you strategize so you feel confident in your workplace.

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What can Wellin5 do for you?

  • Secure

    You can trust that your conversations and information are kept private and secure.

  • Discreet

    Your conversations are only between you and your counsellor.

  • Accessible

    Request a video counselling session or compose and send an email therapy message when you sign up or as soon as you need.

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What does it cost?




per 60 minute video session. 

Regularly $100 - Save $10 per 60 min
with our Holiday Special 

  • Buy as many sessions as you need
  • Meet with your counsellor in 1-2 business
    days or sooner
  • 60 minutes of high quality video counselling
  • Access to valuable content & video tutorials
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The Starter Bundle


Reguarly $190 - Save $19
with our Holiday Special

2 x 60 minute video sessions
  • Build trust with your counsellor
    and begin seeing a difference. 
  • Meet with your counsellor 2 times 
  • 120 minutes of high quality
  • Bookings within 1-2 business days or sooner
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Your bundle never expires.

The Transformation Bundle


Regularly $376 - Save $38
with our Holiday Special

4 x 60 minute video sessions
  • Meet with your counsellor 4 times
  • 240 minutes of one-on-one
    video counselling 
  • Bookings within 1-2 business days or sooner

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Our Plans




$100 per 60 minute video session.

Save $10 with our Holiday Special!

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The Starter Plan


2 x video sessions

Regularly $190 - Save $19 with our Holiday Special!

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The Transformation Plan


4 x video sessions

Regularly $376 - Save $38 with our Holiday Special!

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No wait times

It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up and schedule a session directly with your unique counsellor. Check your automated calendar for upcoming sessions. We'll send you a reminder when your session is coming up soon.

High quality therapy

Our fully automated high definition audio-video platform will instantly connect you with an experienced counsellor at the time of your session.

Long-Form Therapy Coming Soon!

Our secure email therapy is a therapeutic journaling experience which allows you to express your feelings and concerns by doing the simple act of writing them down.

Each time you compose and send a message to your counsellor, you are building a written history that you can refer back on to see how far you’ve come.


Our Partners

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
- Isaac Newton

Our partners have been an incredible support in our endeavour to bring you the best care possible in the simplest form.

Counsellor for Wellin5

How Wellin5 Makes A Difference

My Wellin5 counsellor is awesome and really helpful. She is so wise and gives me a voice of reason as I find my way through what I'm working on. I'm grateful.

- Wellin5 Client

Being in the comfort of my own home and talking to a professional made it inviting. I didn't have to worry about traffic or feeling drained after a session.

- Shannon, Wellin5 Client

I am happy to report that Wellin5 is great, the counsellor is great and the website is easy to navigate.

- Clare, Wellin5 Client

Wellin5 has a level of comfort that is better than getting into a car on a busy day and using more energy to get used to an office. I think it was a good match for me and my counsellor. She was quick and helpful at giving me a new perspective on something. I could also take notes and that helps me to remember.

- Herzi, Wellin5 Client 

My interactions with the Wellin5 clinical team give me confidence that Wellin5 takes seriously its position to effect real, helpful change in people's lives in a professional and caring manner.

- Andrew N., Wellin5 Certified Counsellor 

It has been a pleasure to work with a wellness company that demonstrably cares about the wellbeing of the clients foremost. The Wellin5 platform is streamlined and user-friendly. It has been a fantastic tool for providing counselling, especially for people who may have been too busy or intimidated to come in person. I would highly recommend the service to other counsellors and any of my clients.

- Tamara K., Wellin5 Certified Counsellor 

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Caring Qualified Counsellors

Knowing that you are free to speak your mind with someone can be difficult to realize. Knowing that every Wellin5 certified counsellor has been screened thoroughly, can help.

Every Wellin5 Counselling comes highly recommended with skills & experience you can trust:

  • Masters degree or PhD
  • Minimum 5-10 years counselling experience
  • Criminal record check
  • Licensed with a provincial governing body
  • Cyber-liability insurance
  • E-counselling training and experience
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Ready to start your journey?

Your Wellin5 counsellor is ready to help you learn more about yourself, grow your life in new challenging directions, and heal from difficult events.

At Wellin5 we want to create an environment where you and your counsellor can build a digital bridge to a happier, healthier you.

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