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Your Mental Health Matters

Mental health often gets overlooked during the busyness of everyday life. It's easy to focus on your job, family, responsibilities, and priorities, but it can be so hard to find time for your mental health. For most people, maintaining a positive, healthy outlook on life is hard, especially during the current times.

The Limitations of Traditional In-Person Therapy

Seeking out traditional therapy options can be very frustrating. Finding a counsellor in a major metro or rural area that’s accepting patients and has open appointments is often a complex and discouraging process.

Attending online counselling with Wellin5 sidesteps these issues and puts the focus back on attending live sessions instead of finding a provider. We have a variety of knowledgeable counsellors who are registered in Canada and hold a master’s degree in their field. So you can feel confident in getting the support you need.

Therapy Online: Accessible and Effective

If you're struggling with your mental health or feel like you're alone, know that there is hope. Take the time today to focus on your mental health. A Wellin5 online counsellor is available to meet with you through our video counselling platform, when and where it works best for you.

These live chats help you identify your issues and develop tools to address and move past them. Online counsellors can help you make a positive change.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Many of our clients struggle with issues like anxiety, depression, trauma or stress. Talking to an online therapist is an affordable way to take care of your mental health concerns. Here are some testimonials from our clients.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed having someone to discuss things with that are unbiased and looking in from the outside. I look forward to my sessions and I always come away from them feeling better than before.
- Charlene
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It felt great to have someone listen to my concerns, empathize with my feelings, and offer strategies. It felt like a guiding light when I was lost.
- Jess
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I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love the online counselling! It felt easy to open up because I was at home in my pajamas. I tried it because of COVID and I think I might never go back to in-person again.
- Robyn
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Wellin5 matched me with a therapist who specializes in exactly what my root issue is, he is so gentle and comfortable to talk to, and I instantly felt at ease with him.
- Kevvy
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My husband and I have individual counsellors and a marriage counsellor through Wellin5 and we really like the convenience of having our sessions at home online. 
- K.L.
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Wellin5 has been an absolute blessing to my family. It's so easy and convenient. We found a counsellor we connect with and actually look forward to our weekly appointments!
- K
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Counselling Online in Canada: Our Counsellors’ Specialties

Counselling covers many difficulties experienced by Canadians across the country. There are many types of therapeutic approaches that can address a broad range of mental health concerns.

By connecting you to a large pool of online counsellors and carefully matching you with one, we help you find the most effective option for your needs.

Types of counselling provided include but are not limited to:

Don’t feel like you have to face your worries alone. You can conveniently access help by working with a Wellin5 online counsellor.