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Online Therapist for Family Issues

Experiencing issues within a family can take a toll on your mental health. Our online counsellors are here to support you as you work through family issues.

If you’re going through family issues, a therapist can help. Counselling for family problems can help you feel heard and understood.. Wellin5 has online Canadian therapists who are highly specialized in working with individuals to provide counselling for family issues.

Wellin5 is a Canadian company with therapists in every province and territory across Canada. With our online platform, it’s easy to find a therapist for family issues near you. Wellin5 psychotherapy, counselling and social work services are covered by most Canadian insurance providers.

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What is counselling for family issues?

Family issue counsellors understand how to support individuals as they process and work through concerns related to their families. Family therapy sessions for individuals establish an effective and affirming treatment plan.


When should you consider seeing a therapist for family issues? Family counsellors can help you address concerns related to conflict, trauma, violence, substance abuse, loss, and more.

How can family issues be addressed?

Family issues are addressed by identifying foundational concerns and building sustainable approaches to dealing with them. Family therapists understand how to help you work toward resolving complex problems with your family.

How we can help

Wellin5's counsellors provide online counselling for anyone, anywhere in Canada. They are equipped to support you through every kind of family issue. That means you can move forward with a healthier perspective, feeling more understood and connected.
Here's how it works

Select your appointment length and time slot

Select between 1 hour or half hour increments and time slots available in your counsellor’s calendar. You can even leave your counsellor a note to let them know what’s been on your mind.

Complete your pre-book survey

Complete the pre-booking survey which will help your counsellor know how best they can give you the support you need.

Receive a confirmation for your counsellor

Your counsellor will send a confirmation your way to ensure both of you are on the same page.

Hop into the meeting room and get started

Your meeting room will be available an hour before you are ready. Hop in and get ready to be supported.