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Wellin5 online counselling solutions enhance your existing employee benefits package, adding value and increasing your employer brand - all at an affordable per employee price. 
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Why Add Wellin5 to Your Employee Benefits?


Grow Your Bottom Line

Increase your bottom line by improving your employee utilization rate and adding new accounts. 

Lower Medical Claims

Instant and prevantative access to counselling can help prevent problems from becoming more severe, reducing the overall number of sessions and preventing long-term medical claims.


IM and facetime counselling options for Wellin5 clients
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Reduce Waiting Times

Timely connection is key to helping employees exactly when they need support. Our counsellors can confirm counselling appointment requests directly with clients within 1-2 business days or less - a turn around time that is unheard of in the industry. 

Reporting Statistics

Gain access to customized usage reports that offer insights on trends and utilize statistics to help improve your client's HR policies.



Wellin5 is the most innovative and affordable solution for your needs.

Wellin5 online counselling is what you've been looking for - an easily accessible, cost-effective solutions improving your employees' mental wellness and your company's bottom line.  


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Secure Platform

As a PHIPA-compliant company, we ensure the highest standards of privacy andsecurity for your employees. You can depend on Wellin5 for a secure and private online counselling platform.

Unique Plans

We offer unique plans to choose from depending on the number of employees, number of sessions, and expected utilization rate. Every plan includes video sessions, and 24/7 access to online tutorials and reports.

Large Provider Network

Our large network of highly qualified counsellors are well-trained and cover a widevariety of topics such as stress, depression, anxiety and more.