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You shouldn't have to suffer alone. Our online abuse and violence counsellors are here to help.

Seeking counselling for abusive relationships can be nerve-wracking but speaking with a mental health counsellor can help you heal.

Wellin5 has online Canadian counsellors who are highly specialised in counselling for abuse victims and violence therapy.

Wellin5 is a Canadian company offering counselling for those in every province and territory across Canada. Wellin5 therapy, counselling and social work services are generally covered by most Canadian insurance providers.

Receiving therapy after an abusive relationship is essential for domestic violence survivors. You deserve support from a professional. With it, you can start making positive changes that help you move forward.

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What is abuse and violence?

Abuse and violence is a pattern of behaviour in any type of relationship where the abusive party tries to gain power over someone else.

This can take the form of verbal abuse, sexual violence, and much more. In a romantic relationship, if the victimized partner tries to leave an abusive relationship, the abusive partner could become angry and use violence or excessive controlling behavior.


Experiencing abuse and violence can lead to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. If you’re a survivor of abuse and violence, it’s important to seek abuse and violence counselling. Counselling for victims of abuse is an integral part of healing and can offer much needed support.

How can abuse and violence be addressed?

If you are in immediate danger or fear for your safety, please call 911. After you have settled in a a safe space, receiving counselling for victims of violence is the best way to move forward.

How we can help

Wellin5's counsellors provide online counselling for anyone, anywhere in Canada. They are equipped to support survivors of abuse and violence in the healing process. Therapy for abuse victims can support you and help you make positive, sustainable changes in your life.

Here's how it works

Here's how it works

Select your appointment length and time slot

Select between 1 hour or half hour increments and time slots available in your counsellor’s calendar. You can even leave your counsellor a note to let them know what’s been on your mind.

Complete your pre-book survey

Complete the pre-booking survey which will help your counsellor know how best they can give you the support you need.

Receive a confirmation for your counsellor

Your counsellor will send a confirmation your way to ensure both of you are on the same page.

Hop into the meeting room and get started

Your meeting room will be available an hour before you are ready. Hop in and get ready to be supported.
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