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Life Transitions Counselling & Therapy

Life transitions can be exciting! However, they can also feel stressful and uncertain. Our counsellors are here to support you.

Wellin5 is a Canadian company offering counselling modalities and intervention approaches for clients in every province and territory across Canada. Wellin5 psychotherapy, counselling, and social work services are generally covered by most Canadian insurance providers.

If you’re going through major changes in your life, Wellin5 can help. We can connect you with a life transitions counsellor online, making it easier to address your concerns.

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What is a life transition?

Life transitions are periods or phases that involve significant changes to things like yourlifestyle, health, mentality, living situations, or career – among other things.

There are many types of life transitions and to successfully adjust to the new circumstances, many of them require different thinking, coping mechanisms, or other changes.

Life transitions therapy can help you successfully make those adjustments.


You may be struggling with life transitions if you’re experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and high stress levels.

How can life transitions be addressed?

Some life transitions are exciting. Consider the joy many feel about getting pregnant or graduating from college. while others may struggle to adjust to the new changes.

Sometimes, the a life circumstance can cause a mix of positive and negative emotions. This is completely normal and expected during transitional periods that involve a lot of change.

Our counsellors are trained in various treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions-based brief therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, talk therapy, and more. They can provide personalized and caring support to help you adjust and continue moving forward in your life.

How we can help

Wellin5's counsellors provide online counselling and therapy for life transitions to anyone, anywhere in Canada. They’re equipped to support you through life transitions and other day-to-day issues.

Through transitional life counselling, our counsellors will listen, coach, and teach you healthy coping strategies to deal with your unique circumstances.

Here's how it works

Select your appointment length and time slot

Select between 1 hour or half hour increments and time slots available in your counsellor’s calendar. You can even leave your counsellor a note to let them know what’s been on your mind.

Complete your pre-book survey

Complete the pre-booking survey which will help your counsellor know how best they can give you the support you need.

Receive a confirmation for your counsellor

Your counsellor will send a confirmation your way to ensure both of you are on the same page.

Hop into the meeting room and get started

Your meeting room will be available an hour before you are ready. Hop in and get ready to be supported.