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Managing low mood: how to identify and bounce back

Low mood isn’t uncommon as the seasons shift, the sun sets sooner, and the weather gets cooler. Fall can be a beautiful time of change, but it can also bring up uncomfortable feelings for many. 

Anyone can suffer from low mood at times. It could be anything — changes in our lives, changing seasons, adapting to new scenarios, or sometimes we just don’t know. `

What is low mood? Causes and symptoms 

We all suffer from low mood sometimes, and the cause is just as unique as each of us. It could be adjusting to change in our lives, losing loved ones, work or academic stress, or facing unknown situations. On the other hand, low mood can also come from being ‘stuck in a rut’ — going through the same routines for too long. 

Here are signs to look out for: 

If low mood persists and gets in the way of daily life for two weeks or longer, it may be a sign of depression. It’s important to speak to a doctor or mental health professional for a full diagnosis. 

How to boost low mood 

Boosting low mood depends on which activities you enjoy. Consider which activities make you feel rejuvenated, creative, or well rested. Think of this as your self-care toolbelt — a collection of activities you can reach for when you’re feeling in need of a pick-me-up. 

Activities to boost low mood:  

  • Journal for gratitude or self-discovery 
  • Pick up a creative hobby like painting, pottery, or puzzles 
  • Take a bubble bath 
  • Watch a movie that lifts your mood 
  • Get lost in a good book
  • Exercise in a way you enjoy 
  • Take time to complete a routine that makes you feel good — like doing your hair or skincare
  • Cook yourself nourishing food 
  • Meditate or practice mindfulness throughout the day 
  • Go to bed early 
  • Spend time with a loved one
  • Turn down plans if you’re not up for it 

Pick and choose a few to incorporate into your weekly routine to regularly boost your mood. Remember, this is your routine — so make it your own! Really take the time to get to know what makes you feel good. 

Get support

A mental health professional can help you unpack why you’re feeling low, and help you set a plan to get your mood up. Wellin5’s team of registered clinical counsellors can offer support. Get matched with a counsellor who meets your unique needs in just 5 minutes. 

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