Therachat acquisition by Wellin5 to improve online counselling experience.

Therachat Acquisition

Wellin5 is excited to announce that Wellin5 has acquired Therachat, a US mental health startup. The Therachat acquisition is part of Wellin5’s long-term strategy that started with their US expansion in September 2019.

The Wellin5 Platform

The Wellin5 counselling platform uses AI-powered technology to combat mental health challenges. In addition, innovative software quickly connects users with the most compatible counsellor. Wellin5’s technology and exceptional user experience are just some of the reasons why it was awarded ‘Digital Health Emerging Rocket’ by BCTechnology.

What This Acquisition Means

Now that Therachat has joined the Wellin5 family, Wellin5’s mental health expertise now includes:

  • A full client and counsellor-centric experience on one platform
  • A library of tools such as emotion tracking, thought reframing and mindfulness.
  • Meaningful support through self-help exercises
  • The addition of 5,000 therapists to its existing base of mental health professionals.

“We are very excited about acquiring Therachat,” stated William Masih, Founder, and CEO of Wellin5.

“This is a massive accomplishment in our plan to lead the preventive mental health space. Wellin5 is strongly positioned to grow over the next three to five years. Moreover, this year we expect to close our round of funding to support our growth model.”

Why the Therachat Acquisition

“When we started Therachat, we wanted to make a difference for people who need mental health support. We created a product we are proud of. We are so happy to see Therachat living under the same roof as Wellin5,” stated Kouris Kalligas, CEO and Co-founder of Therachat.

“I am so thrilled to partner with Wellin5 to continue our mission. I firmly believe the people we set out to help are in good hands. I look forward to continuing the mission of improving lives through my role as adviser,” adds Jason Symons, Co-founder, and CTO of Therachat.

What is Therachat?

Therachat is a product designed to help US therapists, psychologists, and mental health counsellors. It keeps patients engaged between therapy sessions. In addition, it supplies therapists with over 40 customizable homework activities. Even better, Therachat allows people who don’t have a therapist to use its mobile app. This way, they can take advantage of the vast range of available pre-made homework activities.

Welcome Therachat! If you would like to try out the homework activities to complement your therapy, feel free to download the app.