How to show up for yourself every day, hosted by Wellin5 in Vancouver BC

How to show up for yourself every day

We’ve all heard people talking about showing up for ourselves, but what does that actually mean? While it can look different for everyone, showing up for ourselves means prioritizing our own needs and advocating for ourselves. It’s about making our own mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs our number one priority. Sound selfish? It’s not — you can’t pour from an empty cup. Showing up for yourself will create the compassion and energy to show up for others in your life wholeheartedly. 

Here are 4 ways to show up for yourself. 

1. Practice patience and forgiveness 

First and foremost: you won’t always show up for yourself in the exact way you’d like — and that’s completely okay. The important thing is starting where you are and growing from there. It’s extremely human to make mistakes or experience setbacks, so allow room for all of it. And when it happens, remind yourself that you’re doing your best. Be patient with yourself, and forgive yourself when you slip up. 

2. Build and maintain positive habits 

Habits are a form of self-love. The little things that you do for yourself every day are the big things. Because while taking your vitamins, drinking more water, or journaling for a few minutes doesn’t seem like much, stacking those habits together and maintaining them every day is a huge accomplishment. It means you’re taking steps every day to be the best version of yourself. Not to mention, accomplishing small habits will give you the confidence and discipline to go after the big ones. 

Disclaimer: you may miss a habit sometimes and that’s okay. Allow yourself to show up imperfectly (see tip #1!) 

3. Set aside time for yourself

Showing up for yourself also includes saying ‘no’ to events, assignments, and social moments that you don’t have the bandwidth for, or that no longer serve you. Instead, give that time back to yourself: 

  • Cook yourself your favourite meal 
  • Watch a comforting movie
  • Meditate and journal what came up 
  • Move your body

Self care isn’t all bubble baths and face masks. It’s about ensuring your needs are taken care of, and investing in future you. 

4. Know when to ask for help 

We can’t do everything by ourselves all the time — and trying to will likely lead to burnout and exhaustion. A part of showing up for yourself is knowing when it’s time to reach out for support. Whether it’s your friends, family, or a professional, our community is a powerful resource to lean on.

Show up for yourself with support

It’s going to take time to get comfortable setting boundaries, filling your tank, and saying no to things that simply don’t work for you. So don’t expect to apply all these practices overnight. By weaving them into your life little by little, you can begin to put yourself first. 

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