Celebrating Telehealth on Digital Health Week

It’s Digital Health Week and that makes it a great time to talk about why telehealth is so fantastic. It’s a great way to make counselling more accessible for everyone. Telehealth is such a great fit for so many different lifestyles and it is the best option if you’re thinking outside the traditional therapist’s office. Here’s a peek at the kind of people who benefit from telehealth every day:

The Globetrotter On The Next Flight

Always on the go, traveling from airport to airport, quality time with a qualified counsellor can be found in a quiet alcove on a smartphone screen. No matter which time zone you find yourself in, time to talk and be heard is on your schedule.

The Busy Parent On The Go

Whether you’re rushing between school pickup and soccer practice, when the kids are busy with their activities, you can be taking care of yourself for a change. Work through the things that have been weighing on your mind while your kids work through their latest drills. All from your tablet!

The College Student On The Rise

After class and before you hit the books to study you could be working through your strategy to keep your stress levels low all semester long. You don’t have to leave campus to see a therapist, they can come to you virtually. Just pop open your laptop and get ready to talk things out with an online counsellor.

The Overcommitted Professional On The Way Up

You might be busy climbing the corporate ladder, but between meetings you could be making time for your mental health. Schedule some time in your calendar to get matched with a Wellin5 counsellor and figure out the best way to maintain your health while you uplevel your life. Wellin5 has professional therapists who can help with an array of life’s challenges — from anxiety to divorce and depression, there’s a counsellor online who can help.

Someone Just Like You – Wherever You’re Going

No matter what your life is or what your schedule, there’s a way to fit in time for your mental health and wellness and we would love to be a part of it. It’s confidential, accessible, affordable and flexible. You can speak to a counsellor from wherever you are on the device of your choice and take the next step towards improving your mental health.

Telehealth could be a fit for your lifestyle — just give it a try! There’s no reason to put off getting the help you need or even to just find a friendly face you can talk to who knows how to listen without bias. Sign up for free to learn more about Wellin5’s online counselling and start feeling better today. Happy Digital Health Week!

Over to You

How does telehealth make your life better? Share your story with the Wellin5 Community in the comments below — we’d love to hear about you and your counselling journey!