Woman wrapping present while dealing with holiday stress

Managing Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be far too busy. Between holiday parties, shopping, getting ready for time away from work, activities with family and more demands on your wallet than usual, it can be really stressful.

Similarly, not everyone has holiday parties to attend, family nearby, people to shop for, a job to be away from and in those cases, the Silent Night can be deafening. The absence of activity, or less activity than in past years can be really uncomfortable.

Whether it’s from too much activity or not enough, stress can be a holiday guest whose presence is not desired. So what to do? Here are some tips for holiday stress management:

    1. Keep moving, where you can. With a less structured schedule over the holidays, you might find your workout routine is disrupted. Even a little movement can help get your endorphins flowing. Whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or just around the mall, those steps count too.
    2. Take time for gratitude. Spend a few minutes every day to remember things you are grateful for. It’s easy to focus on the things that don’t go to plan, but take time to contemplate the things that go right too.
    3. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries. You don’t have to accept every invitation, so don’t feel obligated to do all the things. Limit stressful social interactions that you don’t want to participate in.
    4. Ask for help if you need it. Drop off gifts at the mall kiosk for gift wrapping. Order in a pizza after a long day of shopping. Delegate if you find you’ve got too much on your plate. And if you need someone to talk to, book your first session for free with Wellin5 and experience the comfort of a listening ear when speaking with a trained mental health professional.

Holiday stress can be frustrating but you don’t have to face it alone.  We wish you happiness, health and wellness over the holiday season, and we hope that your December is merry and bright!