Care Point and Wellin5: New Partnership Announcement

Wellin5 has been very busy lately, working hard to build relationships and partnerships that make accessing mental health services easier than ever. To that end, Wellin5 is pleased to announce their new partnership with Care Point Medical and Wellness Centres. “Through partnering with Care Point, we continue to expand our offering of online counselling services across BC alongside providers of primary health care,” explains Wellin5 CEO William Masih.

Wellin5’s Newest Partners

Care Point is a network of rapid access medical clinics providing walk-in and family practice services, established in 1986 and located in the lower mainland of British Columbia and in its capital city, beautiful Victoria. Care Point shares their own excitement with this new partnership, saying, “This will provide convenient access to counselling services on a confidential basis.”

A Vision and A Mission

“At Care Point we are focused on prevention and treatment, to ensure whole health for the mind and body” – this is Care Point’s vision statement, supporting its mission statement, “We are committed to becoming the pre-eminent health and wellness provider unmatched in our delivery of quality, compassionate care and superior, reliable service.” This vision and mission are concepts and promises that Wellin5 can really get behind, and through this partnership aims to support these goals to the benefit of Care Point’s patients.

Expanding Access To Care

Care Point’s patients already enjoy access to a variety of specialists to support their wellness, making the addition of access to mental health services a logical step to providing even better service. The linkages between physical and mental health are well-established, making this partnership ideal for improving wellness from a holistic perspective and allowing patients to improve overall quality of life seamlessly.

A Tradition of Care Meets Cutting Edge Technology

Care Point’s clients enjoy the benefit of thirty years of experience in clinical care from their chosen clinicians, and will now have the opportunity to access telehealth technology that provides safe, private and convenient care delivered in a new way, right on their mobile device or computer screen. Wellin5 is pleased to welcome our new partners and looks forward to serving Care Point clients now and in the future.