A woman sitting at her computer attending an online counselling session covered under her insurance

Getting Online Counselling Covered Under Your Insurance

When you need counselling support, the last thing that you want to have to do is spend time thinking about how you will pay for the services you need, especially if you already have extended health benefits.

If you’re looking to access online counselling services but don’t want to be paying out of pocket without reimbursement, we have good news! Our counsellors have qualifications that allow all sessions to be covered the same as an in-person session with your insurance plan.

That’s because our counsellors all have a Masters degree or PhD, at least 5-10 years experience (post -Masters degree), and a license to provide counselling services.

That also means the sessions that you participate in from the comfort of your home, office, car or wherever else is convenient and private can be covered just as if you hopped in your car, drove to a therapist’s office, parked, and went in for a session in person.

We even compiled some helpful reimbursement forms from common insurance provider websites (Like Sunlife, Manulife and Pacific Blue Cross). Depending on who you are employed by, your sessions may also be covered by your Employee and Family Assistance Program, or what is sometimes called EAP.

If you would like your EAP to cover your sessions with us, you can ask them to email us to make arrangements. We have experience coordinating with EAP programs in this way so we can support members like you. We would love to work with them to help you out!

Don’t have extended health coverage? You might be able to write off your counselling as a tax deduction. Typically medical expenses must add up to 3% of your income in order to have an effect on your personal tax refund. We recommend speaking with a qualified CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to find out if you are eligible to file for reimbursement for your services with Wellin5.

Getting reimbursed for your online counselling services can be a simple process when you see a qualified Wellin5 counsellor. You don’t need to drive anywhere or show up in person. Your online session can be considered to be just as valid as when you attend personally and can be treated the same way for reimbursement. Consult your benefit plan literature and book an appointment for yourself today!