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5 Benefits of Couples Counselling Before Marriage

Congratulations on your decision to get married! As you prepare for this exciting new chapter in your life, it’s important to take the time to reflect on your relationship and ensure you’re both on the same page. An effective way to do this is through couples counselling. Keep reading to explore the benefits of couples counselling before marriage and why it’s worth considering.

What is Couples Counselling Before Marriage?

Couples counselling before marriage, also known as premarital counselling, is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage by identifying and addressing potential areas of conflict. It typically involves meeting with a trained therapist who will guide you through a series of discussions and exercises designed to strengthen your relationship.

What Do You Talk About in Premarital Counselling?

In premarital counselling, you’ll discuss a wide range of topics related to your relationship and your future together. The purpose of couples counselling is to deep-dive into each other’s values and points of view — discovering where there may be future conflict. In doing so, you can get ahead of arguments before they happen, leading to more relationship fulfilment, deeper understanding, and clearer communication. Topics to discuss include: 

  • Communication: How do you communicate with each other? Are there any areas where communication could be improved? 
  • Conflict resolution: How do you handle disagreements? What are some strategies for resolving conflicts in a healthy way? What do you need to feel whole again after a  conflict? 
  • Finances: How will you manage your money as a couple? What are the logistics of this (e.g. will you open a shared bank account)? What are your individual financial goals? 
  • Family: How will you balance your relationship with your family? How do you expect your partner to interact with your family? What are your expectations for starting a family of your own?
  • Intimacy: What are your expectations for physical intimacy? How will you maintain a healthy sex life? What are your individual intimacy needs, and how might they differ? 

Why Should You Do Couples Counselling Before Marriage?

There are many benefits to couples counselling before marriage, including:

  1. Improved communication: By learning how to communicate effectively, you’ll be better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way. By communicating respectfully and productively, you’ll also avoid unnecessary conflict. 
  2. Stronger conflict resolution skills: Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. In fact, most couples tend to have the same argument repeatedly. By learning how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way, you’ll avoid getting stuck in negative patterns. Conflict will also become an opportunity for growth rather than a process that tears down the relationship.
  3. A better understanding of each other: Through premarital counselling, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, values, and expectations. This will lead to a stronger bond and ultimately, a more fulfilling relationship. 
  4. Increased intimacy: By addressing any issues related to physical intimacy, you’ll be able to build a stronger, more fulfilling sex life — leading to more closeness and trust.
  5. Higher success rate: Studies have shown that couples who participate in premarital counselling have a higher success rate in their marriages.

What is the Success Rate of Couples Counselling?

While the success rate of couples counselling varies depending on the specific situation, studies have supported that couples who participate in premarital counselling have a higher success rate in their marriages. Research shows that those who attend premarital counselling were better off than 80% of couples who decided against counselling. By taking the time to address potential areas of conflict before getting married, you’ll be setting yourselves up success.

Improve your relationship today

Couples counselling before marriage can be an incredibly valuable tool for couples who are looking to strengthen their relationship and prepare for a lifetime together. By improving communication, conflict resolution skills, and intimacy, you’ll be setting yourselves up for a successful life together. Meet with a qualified couples counsellor today and start building the foundation for a happy, healthy marriage. Wellin5 offers affordable online couples counselling and relationship counselling — available on your schedule. Book a session today.