A man sits in front of a large window with his head to the side, looking pensive and distracted.

3 signs of depression in men

As a man, trying to tell if you’re depressed can be a difficult process.

Exploring your feelings may feel taxing or draining. Are you caught up wondering if the emotions you experience indicate sadness or depression?

This process becomes easier when you consider common symptoms of depression in men. As you start thinking about your feelings and deciding if working with a counsellor is right for you, refer to these signs and remember that your feelings and experiences are valid and important.

Signs of depression in men: Symptoms to keep in mind

1. Expressing negative emotions

Medical News Today explains that signs of depression like difficulty sleeping and trouble concentrating are regularly seen in both men and women. However, certain emotional and physical symptoms are more common among men.

Because of societal norms and stereotypes around men demonstrating sadness, men may express a different range of emotions when feeling depressed. That includes frustration, irritability, and anger. This  can make it more difficult to recognize depression as the root cause of your mental health concerns. 

2. High-risk behaviour

The US National Institutes of Mental Health highlights two kinds of depression symptoms in men that relate to safety and decision-making:

  1. Increased engagement in risky or dangerous behaviour
  2. A need for alcohol and/or drugs

While a need for drugs or alcohol is a relatively direct feeling to consider, it can help to define risky or dangerous behaviour. Choosing to speed, drive recklessly, or start arguments with strangers all fall into this category. As these behaviours can put your wellness and the wellness of others in jeopardy, it’s important to be proactive and reach out for help.

These can serve as a sign of depression in men of all ages. Similar to the emotional indicators described above, it can be difficult to make a connection between risky actions and possibly experiencing depression.

3. Escapism

Increased focus on a job or hobby isn’t always a sign of someone having depression. However, it can become a problem if you’re pouring yourself into work or activities to the point where other parts of your life suffer. The Mayo Clinic points to escapist behaviour as another potential sign of depression in men. This can be considered  avoidance of the issue by focusing on something else.

You can support your mental health with professional assistance

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