Wellin5 Announces New Partnership with Medimap

Wellin5 is excited to announce our partnership with Medimap. Together we are making physical and mental health care convenient for millions of Canadians,” Wellin5 CEO William Masih shares.

For those not already familiar, Medimap is an online platform that allows patients across Canada to easily compare wait times at walk-in medical clinics in their communities, making it easier to access the care you need when you need it.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Medimap launched in White Rock, BC, in September 2015 and has since expanded across the country. It’s head office is located in beautiful downtown Vancouver. When asked about what he looked forward to as part of this new partnership, Medimap CEO, Blake Adam, responded, “Medimap’s mission is to simplify access to care for all Canadians. Mental health is a critical part of an individual’s wellbeing. Through this partnership with Wellin5 we are excited to advance access to mental health services across the country.”

A Shared Vision

This vision of the new partnership is consistent with Wellin5’s goals as well. We envision a world where counselling is so easy to access that the stigma of mental health ceases to exist and this partnership with Medimap supports this vision. This relationship aligns with our goal to work with leaders in the wellness industry to increase access to much-needed care, removing treatment barriers by delivery virtual consultations with caring professionals.

For so many Canadians, Medimap is synonymous with finding accessible treatment when and where it’s most needed. We look forward to being part of the solution through telehealth mental health care that’s available just a mouse click away. Medimap matches clients with the closest clinics with an available doctor and Wellin5 matches clients with a qualified counsellor who really cares.

It’s About Time

Both Medimap and Wellin5 clients benefit from timely access to treatment. Medimap user Zed D shared, “I absolutely LOVE Medimap and appreciate how much waiting time it has saved me. Thank you.” Similarly, a recent Wellin5 clinical case study showed that Wellin5 saved, on average, approximately 4 months of booking and counselling time compared to traditional in-person or telephone counselling.

Please join us in welcoming our new partner, Medimap, as we celebrate this exciting collaboration, one we expect will bring better mental health for people all over Canada with the click of a button.