Partners in telehealth

Partners in Telehealth – Wellin5 & Viva Care

At Wellin5 we love working with our clients as partners in their journey towards better mental health. We believe in approaching challenges as a clinician-client team. We believe in creating partnerships and that we can go further with teamwork. To that end, we have recently partnered with Viva Care, an innovative health care provider who provides access to many health services being offered in over 10 clinic locations and by video conference.

The great news is that Viva Care clients who need mental health care will now be referred to Wellin5 so they can receive those services from the comfort of their own homes on video – just like they are able to see their doctor. We couldn’t be more excited to be able to help even more people through this partnership.

“Wellin5 is excited to be partnering with a like-minded, forward-thinking company like Viva Care and we are looking forward to providing much needed mental health care support for their patients,” says our CEO, William Masih.

Vivacare is pretty excited to be working with Wellin5 too! “We are excited to be partnering with Wellin5 in support of their innovative approach to addressing mental health in Canada,” said Gary Prihar, CPA, CA, President of Viva Care Medical. “We are confident that their secure, online technology platform will be a bridge to bring mental health to our patients.

Vivacare and Wellin5 working together just makes sense. Both are telehealth service providers, both were founded in Surrey, BC and both have the same commitment to providing quality care for their patients. The idea to start a multi-disciplinary and holistic health care clinic was envisioned in 2008 by Dr. Garry Saran and Gary Prihar, who were childhood friends and roommates in university. They didn’t stop with just doctors, they now include specialists, pharmacists, optometrists, rehabilitative team and other health care providers.

Wellin5’s original story came from a similar dream. CEO William Masih was inspired to create an innovative platform which would provide online counselling for people who lived remotely or were too far away to access a qualified counsellor. He had experienced the positive benefits of living a healthier, happier life after meeting with a counsellor and wanted to create an affordable, accessible solution for anyone who needed help. That all started back in 2014.

Five years later we are delighted that Wellin5 is the exclusive mental health counselling partner for Viva Care for all 10 medical clinics in the Lower Mainland. Our network of highly-qualified, masters-level counsellors will be receiving MD referrals for patients in need of counselling support. In this way, we will be supporting Vivacare’s purpose of helping communities on their path to better health. We’re growing as a trusted online counselling provider to employees and patients across Canada, which is key to our mission too – providing a cutting-edge online counselling platform that causes life-changing results for our clients.

Welcome to the family, Vivacare! And to Viva Care patients: want to experience this level of care for yourself? Ask your Viva Care clinician for more information or sign up to be matched with one of the highly-qualified counsellors in our network.