New Year, New News – Wellin5’s Expansion To US

With the new year comes new news. We could not be more excited to announce our big news – Wellin5’s big ambitions are leading us to expand into the United States. We are so delighted to be able to support more people in their mental health journey and about our plans to do so in a new country.

We believe everyone should have access to quality mental health support and are pleased to be able to expand our service area to make our dreams for international wellness a reality. To that end, as part of our expansion we are also exploring new partnerships within the US and having discussions with American service providers.

Wellin5 was initially founded in Surrey, British Columbia and we have been proud to support the wellness of the Canadians who have put their trust in us. Our next office will be opening in Sacramento, California. Currently, Wellin5 is operating from The Urban Hive with plans to expand to a larger space in the coming year.

Expanding to the US will see Wellin5 welcoming new team members, with our group of 15 projected to grow to 20 or more. When our CEO, William Masih, visited Sacramento, he saw promise and wanted to headquarter our up-and-coming company in the up-and-coming city.

Our drive to innovate has seen us implement a matching process to speed up access to a compatible service provider and to partner strategically with other telehealth providers to expand the reach of our quality care. It’s in that same spirit of innovation that Wellin5 is venturing into a new territory to serve more clients in more places than ever before.

You can continue to follow our journey through our engaging and informative social media channels, by following our blog and by reaching out to schedule your own session with a Wellin5 counsellor.

Please join us in sharing our news with your American friends and family who might benefit from our support. They can connect with us for service by emailing us here.