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Online Grief Counselling & Therapy

Feeling grief and loss are natural parts of healing. Our online grief counsellors are here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re experiencing grief and loss, speaking to a counsellor can be hugely beneficial to your healing process. Grief and loss counselling can help you better understand and manage these difficult emotions in a supportive environment.

By taking part in grief therapy, you can move forward in a healthy and sustainable way. Wellin5 connects you with an online Canadian counsellor who is highly specialized in grief and loss therapy.

Wellin5 is a Canadian company providing counselling for clients in every province and territory across Canada. Wellin5 psychotherapy, counselling and social work services are generally covered by most Canadian insurance providers.

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What is grief and loss?

Grief and loss are feelings that naturally occur when something we love or consider important is taken from us. This can range from the loss of a loved one to ending a fulfilling and lucrative career and can stem from a variety of events, of which not all of them are obvious.

Grief and loss require us to restructure how we see our life situation which can be why it is so difficult to process. Therapy for grief, loss and bereavement can help you work through these complex emotions.

Symptoms of grief and loss

Those experiencing grief and loss often go through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These changes in your emotional state can be especially difficult to manage on your own.

These stages aren’t linear, and it’s normal to go back and forth between them, or even to skip a stage. There’s no one “right” way to experience grief and loss. Our counsellors are here to help tailor your mental health journey to your unique situation.

How can grief and loss be addressed?

Everyone processes the stages of grief and loss differently. For some, it can feel intense and long-lasting. Others may process these emotions more quickly. 

No matter the speed or intensity, what’s important is allowing yourself to feel emotions without rushing or pushing past them.

A grief and loss counsellor can offer techniques and support to help you through every stage of the healing process.

How we can help

Wellin5's counsellors provide online counselling for anyone, anywhere in Canada. With online grief counselling, you can focus on treatment and get started on your path to recovery today.