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Finding a counsellor in Halifax can be tough. Wellin5 can match you to a counsellor who meets your needs in as little as 5 minutes!
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Did you know?

The Halifax metro area has the highest population of any city in Atlantic Canada. It has more than double the number of residents as the next-largest metro, St. John’s.

Living in a major city, one that serves as a leader in regional culture and business, can be incredibly exciting. However, it can also be especially difficult to find mental health services like therapy sessions. A large population can mean long wait times or having to cover a long distance to reach an available professional.

Even with only so many counsellors available in the area, you shouldn’t have to wait to access therapy when you decide it’s needed. Wellin5 can help.

Wellin5 matches you to a qualified online counsellor who meets your specific needs. They can equip you with the proper tools to work through seasonal and life-long challenges and any other concerns you may face.

With access to online therapy in Halifax, you can worry less about finding a qualified mental health professional and focus more on making the most of each session.

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